PTA Mission and Goals

The mission of the Challenger Elementary PTA is to support our school’s efforts in providing a quality education for our children; advocate for our students’ best interests; and strive for excellence.

Lead our children to a promising future
Involve every parent
Voice for every child
Enrich the community

Our goals in achieving our mission include:

  • Promoting and supporting the educational needs of Challenger students with supplemental programs;
  • Giving school administration and staff financial and tangible support to meet classroom and other school needs;
  • Providing financial support to Challenger's extracurricular programs;
  • Encouraging and strengthening community relationships not only between Challenger staff, students and families, but also with the greater community;
  • Strongly encouraging parent involvement through volunteerism, parent education seminars, and PTA meetings;
  • Acknowledging the efforts of students, staff and volunteers and supporting their endeavors;
  • Communicating and sharing our accomplishments with the school and greater community;
  • Supporting education as a whole by participating with state government.
  • To make the new website successful by enrolling as many families and teachers as
    possible, ideally reaching 100% membership.
    This to be accomplished by increasing awareness of programs provided by
    PTA (and their cost per child) and promoting the use of our new website, “Our
    School Pages.” 
  • To increase attendance at our PTA General Meetings in keeping with Goal #1.
  • To promote positive communication between the PTA and the Challenger
    teachers/staff, specifically as it relates to the Legislative issues of the
    past year.  Our main priority is to
    foster a partnership in working to support our students.        
  •  To increase communication between the PTA and the Challenger teachers/staff by
    having a representative attend at least one staff meeting to explain our PTA
    programs and activities.
  • To increase and achieve our fundraising goal of $ 35,000.
  • To efficiently plan and execute events by providing Chairpersons with assistance in securing and managing volunteers, planning ahead and notifying them of who will be assisting them.