Challenger PTA

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PTA?

The Challenger Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a group of parents and teachers/staff at Challenger who work together to provide enrichment activities for all our students.

Some examples of what we fiscally support and volunteer our time to organize are: Back to School Popsicle Social, Winter & Spring events like Bingo and Art Walk, Eager Reader, Book Swap, Book Fair, Festival of Cultures, Science Fair, Science Enrichment, Popcorn Fridays, Teacher Grants for classroom enrichment, Art Docents and Reflections, and Teacher Appreciation events.

Why should I join?

The number-one reason to join Challenger PTA is to benefit your child. In doing so, you also help your school. Research shows that students do better when their families are involved both at home and at school. Grades are higher. Test scores rise. Self-esteem grows. Schools improve.

Being active on the PTA is also a fantastic way to get to know teachers, staff, and other parents. Your membership helps create a louder voice for state and national PTA as they advocate and lobby for our children and schools. Whether you are here for only a year or for 6+ years, we welcome you to our community of learners! Our events are funded annually, so your child will directly benefit from your support.

When you join, you receive several benefits, plus offers available from State and National PTA.  Some of these include:

  • Discounts on Great Wolf Lodge,  Hertz, and other attractions, plus discounts on supplies, copy and printing at Office Depot and FedEx Office
  • Access great resources. State and National PTAs provide information on topics ranging from homework help to bullying prevention to media safety to child health and more.

I joined last year – do I need to join again?

Yes.   We ask all parents and teachers/staff to renew each year, as we run our PTA programs on an annual basis.  

Does joining mean I’m required to volunteer or attend meetings?

No, joining does not obligate you to do anything more than that. Please join and show that you care and are invested in the welfare of our children. You are not required to donate, volunteer or attend PTA meetings – but we’d love it if you did!

What if I’ve already joined PTA at my other child’s school?   Do I need to join twice?

We ask that you please join the PTA at each school you have a child attending. Each school runs an independent PTA program that supports the students at that particular school. PTAs run programs based on the volunteers and funds provided annually by their individual members. Challenger PTA supports all children at Challenger Elementary, regardless of whether their parents join.   We are striving for 100% membership to share support for your child across all families - every dollar or hour you spend with Challenger PTA goes directly to your child this school year.

I already have a PTA login id – have I joined?

You should renew your PTA membership annually.   Your PTA login credentials will remain the same each year. Access to restricted content such as the online directory is renewed each year after joining.

Why do I need to pay to renew?

Our membership dues cover the cost of the Washington State PTA and help offset some administrative costs. PTA Programs at Challenger are made possible through our fundraising efforts, not membership dues.  Membership dues are 100% tax deductible.

For information on Washington State PTA, please visit their site at

What if the cost to join/renew is outside my budget?

If joining PTA is a financial burden, we can provide financial assistance for you.  Please contact Challenger's Principal, Jennifer Kessler or Principal's Secretary, Heather Wolter for assistance. All inquiries are kept confidential.

I already donated to the fundraiser – is this the same as joining PTA?

Thank you for your support!  Our major fundraiser for the year is the primary source of funding for all our programs this school year.

In addition to donating to the PTA, we ask that all parents become a member. The PTA is a voice for students in the education system – and the more members we have, the louder the voice.   PTA is the largest child advocacy group in the US and lobbies and protects the interest of our children. One membership adds up to thousands of members, and thousands of voices, all for the kids. Joining PTA also benefits you individually, with access to many benefits from Challenger, WA State, and National PTAs.

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More questions?

Ask away! Contact us at We’re here to support you and answer any questions you may have.